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At Luvanex, we offer our agents very low fees without compromising the professional standards expected from a full brokerage service. What’s unique about Luvanex is we groom our agents and encourage growth and fulltime dedication towards the service offering they find most interesting. Do you prefer to work with first-time homebuyers and newly married couples? Do you prefer to work exclusively with seasoned savvy real estate investors? Do you only want to help sellers list their properties for sale? Or are you the type of agent who likes to earn a steady stream of income from managing rental properties? Perhaps short term furnished housing is your forte. Whatever it is you enjoy about being a real estate agent, we are here to nourish your gift and skills to help you excel in these areas. Our goal is to help you derive joy from the path you choose to follow and to help you realize your highest potential doing so.

We also welcome newly licensed real estate agents and offer them a chance to get into the real estate market and learning from veteran realtors who have the time and patience to mentor them.

If you’ve been serving in the real estate industry for over 5years, inquire about our “Mentorship Program” – we’ll peer you up with a ‘newbie’ agent and show you how you can get compensated for that. If you are a salesperson in Georgia or a Provisional Broker in North Carolina, sign up today and get peered with a seasoned mentor! It will be the best decision you’ve ever made in your real estate career.

10 Benefits of Signing Up with Luvanex Realty

  • Free Sale on Personal Home (no commissions paid)
  • Very Low Commission Splits
  • Free Yard Signs
  • Luvanex Group Professional Email Address
  • Free Use of Office & Our Conference Room
  • Copies & Prints free of charge
  • Customizable ready to go listing presentations
  • Online Paperless Management System
  • 24/7 broker support
  • Unparalleled Mentorship Programs